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Shelly Sanchez Terrell
Noodle Expert Member

September 04, 2019

Deadline: 4/15/15

Estimated word count: 500 - 700 words

Key issues and themes:

  • Overview of traditional PD practices and delivery (how teachers learn and participate, how topics are chosen, value of these workshops, and so on)

  • Teachers' desire or need for meaningful PD (that is, what do teachers want, and how do traditional district offerings enable them to develop their practice — or not)

  • In your experience, how can technology tools — such as Twitter — that crowdsource PD overcome the shortcomings of traditional PD practices? (Do they offer teachers greater freedom to choose topics? Are the information and practices shared more useful? Are the resources richer or more relevant? Does crowdsourcing address needs that aren't met through traditional PD channels?)

  • In your experience, what are the limitations of integrating technology tools into PD? (What are some obstacles to integrating crowdsourced — or other — technology tools? How can teachers overcome these barriers? Do you notice greater adoption in certain communities than others, among certain teachers, and so on?)