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Mindy Zhang
Noodle Expert Member

May 11, 2020

How to Handle Boredom During Quarantine

With social distancing in place, many students are staying at their homes 24/7 except for going to the groceries. Going to groceries was fun back then, but now even this fun activity has become stressful for many. What exactly should students do to stay out of boredom during the COVID-19?

Here are a list of activities that could help you relieve your boredom:

  1. Take online summer classes You’re probably thinking “Isn’t our transition to online classes the rest of the semester enough?" While this route may not be for everyone, it is a wise route for those looking to gain new knowledge and skills during the summer. Some colleges like Harvard are offering a number of free classes for anyone to take online. If you are looking to build your resume, this is a great opportunity.
  2. Find a new hobby Is there an indoor activity you've been wanting to do? Take the time to learn it whether it be knitting, making Dalgona coffee, or becoming a Tik Tok star. It’s the time to do these activities and make the best out of it. These hobbies can take your mind away from what’s happening outside. 
  3. Spend time with family: Social distancing told you to be 6 feet away from your friends, but it didn’t tell you to be 6 feet away from the people who live with you. With the large amount of time we are spending at home, it could be a good time to get to know family members who you did not know too well or see often. You can do different family activities such as watching Netflix, baking, or even working out together. 

The sunlight is definitely something we are missing as we stay at home. However, we shouldn’t let the COVID ruin our fun. Fun is something we create. Let’s be creative with what we do at home! Have fun and stay safe!

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