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Jorgie Ingram
Noodle Expert Member

January 24, 2020

 Slipping As if it were crisp, cool water Seeping through our fingertips.  There only for a second, A moment, A breath.


As if it were crisp,

cool water

Seeping through our fingertips.

There only for a second, A moment, A breath.


As if it were a shooting star,

Something visible and tangible,

Only to those who’ve experienced it.

For a second, A glimpse.

Is the connection between us

and the ground beneath our feet,

As lost as a baby bird,

Lonesome and forebode Without its mother.


Is the home all of us share.

With a force of nature as strong as the force of gravity,

Only to be broken by the hands of man .

The beauty flows,

Ebbing like a river.

Raindrops dripping like tears,

A cry for help.

The connection between all species diminishes,

With every tree slashed,

Every sentient being exploited,

Every plea ignored.


Is the earth beneath our feet,

The ignoration

As suffocating as the smog.

Humbling Is

the sense of power

we have over this planet,

Just as a drop of rain over an ocean.

Empowering Is that sense of potential,

That drop of rain,

As important to the ocean

as the coral beneath The bubbling blue waters.

Crisp and cold,



The hum of the


The heartbeat

Of the earth.

With every breath,

Every second,

Comes an opportunity.

To cherish or to diminish,

To love or to lose.

To act or to react.