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Rishi Patel
Noodle Expert Member

April 06, 2020

The school year is still in session and distractions are certainly more likely when you are in the comfort of your home instead of the classroom.

Many students are experiencing a completely different learning environment right now. Even though a couple online classes are standard for some, becoming a full-time online student at home is certainly something new. The importance of classes, projects, and exams doesn’t lessen, but motivation could slip given many students are trying to learn in the friendly confines of their home and room. Here are several major distractions to be aware of:


Like in the classroom, technology can be a huge roadblock to focusing on schoolwork. Tik Tok, YouTube, social media, texting buddies, you name it. Any of these can be huge distractions that could have you scratching your head after realizing how much time has passed using them. Your phone could serve as arguably the biggest distraction to learning at home since you could be tempted to use it for multiple reasons. One scenario is to leave your phone out of the room when trying to do school-related work, as this can hopefully reduce the desire to keep checking it every few minutes.

Another scenario with distracting technology could involve being in a room with a TV. Instead, going somewhere quiet in your home without any gadgets will hopefully drive your focus towards academics.


In a classroom, it’s likely going to be quiet when the professor is lecturing. At home, anything goes. Your siblings, parents, and pets could all be home, which means some noise could be inevitable. Therefore, it’s easier to get distracted and maybe play with your dog or join a conversation with your parents or siblings. This can easily push back any learning that was trying to go on. In this case, going to a quiet room or area of your home and politely shutting the door can signal to everyone else that you are working on something. Another option would be to simply let your family know you are allocating a certain timeframe to focus on school.

Your Home Itself

It’s not easy learning at home for over a month. Many have an image painted in their head of their home being a place of relaxation, watching TV, and hanging out with family. This makes it harder to focus on school when you are somewhere that you perceive as a peaceful haven.

School is meant for learning, which is why your focus is likely different there. Your home is a paradise and it’s meant for being at ease. This could naturally interfere with motivation in regards to tedious projects and studying. Nevertheless, the good news is that the school year is over in about a month, so keeping a driven mindset and putting forth your best effort can help you finish strong. So plug in your tunes and channel out those distractions!

School is completely online for the safety of all of us during these tough times. It’s certainly an adjustment, but closing out strong is always realistic if you keep the same mindset as you would on campus. The finish line is slowly starting to come to sight, so it’s best to keep going at full speed. Remember, learning breaks are completely acceptable and though more distractions possibly loom in your home, dedicating a reasonable timeslot specifically to schoolwork can help you be productive. Stay safe!

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