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Mandy Li
Noodle Expert Member

June 01, 2020

Simple ideas to dress for your interview.

Having an outfit and looking put together for an interview is important to make your first impression. Wearing a professional outfit will make you look put together and that you prepare yourself for the interview. Making your sure your outfit looks formal enough to wear for your interview is an important. Here are some clothing items of what you should wear for your interview.

Classic Button Up Shirt

The classic button up shirt is a simple way to make your outfit to look formal and professional. The colors should not be bright and it should not having any prints.


The classic blazer is always a go to jacket to have for your outfit. It makes your outfit look empowering and sharp.


Wearing loafers can look professional. Sticking to a black color or a brown color for the outfit. Making sure to stick with a simple loafers that there are no designs on them.


For accessories is always good to stick to the basics. You don't want to wear something distracting and that will stand out. Stick to a dainty necklace, dainty bracelet, and small earrings.

Having a good outfit on your interview will put on a good impression to the interviewee. When wearing a good outfit that will make you feel good will make you have confidence in your interview.

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