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Tripp Rams
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March 19, 2020

With many schools switching to all online classes, what should you expect and how do you succeed.

Times are wild. The COVID-19 pandemic has launched the world into frenzy and many college students have been displaced and sent home for the remainder of the spring semester. A popular solution schools have come up with to allow students to finish the semester while not being present for classes is moving the classes online. Many classes are already offered online, but most students, from my experience, chose to take their classes in person when available. I have taken a handful of online classes myself and learned some things about how to best succeed in them.

There are many different styles of online class. It is fully dependent on the professor and course material to determine how each class will be run. Some teacher go for a reading based lecture which consists of reading a long post by the professor and is generally accompanied by some links, assignments and examples depending on the class. Most online classes also have book readings that go along with the weekly lecture like an in person class. My advice for succeeding in classes like these is reading all the required materials and ask questions if need be. Because the courses are switching from in person to online there will already be a structure to the class.

Some online classes, many especially when the class is meant to be in person, are done via video lecture. The professor can either set up a time everyone in the class must join in, or the professor pre-records a lecture the students must watch to receive information for that week. For classes like these it is easier to keep a close to normal schedule. Maintaining a close to normal schedule is important so that you do not fall behind on readings and lectures.

any classes will have a difficult transition from in person to online and the next few weeks will see many instructors and students scrambling to figure out the new platform for their classes. The most important things to remember are, even though there is more flexibility in scheduling, getting your work done on time is important and setting aside time to complete coursework is important. Stay in contact with professors and make sure you have all the necessary information and materials to complete your coursework. Be on time and prepared for online meetings, make sure the audio quality and connection are strong enough for you to participate in the classes.

Online classes are different from in person classes and should not be treated the same. As previously mentioned these classes will not be like normal online classes as they began as in person classes. There will be major adjustments and no one truly knows how it will play out.

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