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Abbey Moran
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March 09, 2020

Forever friends, wild parties and life-long memories seem to be the main goals and expectations of college-but is it the reality?

While in college as well as afterwards, you do a lot and I mean A LOT of reflecting. Assessing where you are is important in life but when you feel pressure to have a certain outcome and realizing you did not achieve this outcome can be disheartening. Your time in college does not have to be “the best four years of your life!" The problem is that there is a stereotype that college will be just that. You will probably hear it a multitude of times leading up to your freshman year and reiterated by older generations still living in the past.

One day while scrolling, I saw some text that said something along the lines of “if college was the best four years of your life, then you never opened a syllabus or went to class." The reality is that college is what you make. Going into college with a different mindset than one of awe and wonder at the idea of parties and forever friends is okay. More than okay in fact because knowing what you want to get out of something that can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars is so very important. Often times you will see girls “living their best lives" on instagram but to be completely honest if your happiness is peaking at this point it is questionable what your grades are doing.

Personally, when I went into college I wanted to care more than I did in high school. I felt as though I had a lot of fun in high school and as a result did not end up prioritizing grades and classes. Upon reflecting post-high school I wish I had put more effort in. Another factor of my driven and goal-oriented mindset in college was the fact that money does become a necessary acknowledgement. I really respected how much my parents were willing to do for me to get a college education. I made Dean’s list every semester and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

What you do in college, the discipline you teach yourself and the priorities you form are priceless. You work ethic is what will help you get promotions. Your attitude, effort and hustle will get you that job you have always wanted. Funneling beers in a dorm room will not. It is okay to not spend every day hanging out with friends and every weekend heading out to a party or a bar. Alcohol, late nights and the like will always be there, the professors, classes and resources will not. Be confident in why you are where you are and being goal oriented. Do not feel bad if you are more of a “good student" than a known face at every party. Remember the meaning of college, to get an education that will help you get a job that will ideally fulfill you and your wallet.

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