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Mindy Zhang
Noodle Expert Member

February 28, 2020

Balance what matters to you.

When you go to an interview, have you ever been asked what you find most important in a job? Often, interviewees mention work life balance. Work life balance is what we hope employers can provide for us. However, work life balance is actually not entirely dependent on the employer or the job. What determines your work life balance then? The answer is YOU!

You are the one who can control your balance in work and life. Recently, I learned of this lesson from my professor in sales. He shared a story about how he interviewed a candidate and asked him what he valued in a job. The candidate could only think of work life balance no matter how my professor tried to rephrase the question. Work life balance is not a bad answer, but that is not the job of the employer. If we desire work life balance, we need to consider how much work we can handle and how much time we want to spend with our friends and family. A work life balance can be achieved by focusing on what is most to you then narrowing it down to the smaller things in life.

Without a doubt, balancing work and life is harder than it sounds. As a rising senior, I have become anxious about internships and gaining experience to land a job when I graduate from college. In the beginning, I was lost in a sea of work. Every week was full of assignments, group meetings, internship work, and assessments. After listening to my professor’s advice, I realized my work life balance was not the best… I worked on reshaping my work life balance by talking with my group members and creating a schedule not only for work but also for my life. By talking to others and giving myself time to breathe, I feel happier than before.

If you ever feel that your work life balance is less than ideal, take some time to consider what are your greatest priorities. The meaning of work life balance varies from person to person. At the end of the day, the choices you make will define the balance you create.

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