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Rishi Patel
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March 09, 2021

Applying to jobs only to get no response? You may have to dig deeper to land that first gig. Luckily, there are a few different ways to strengthen your search online and offline.

College graduation is one of the proudest moments of your life. Unfortunately, reality soon hits after and you realize you must enter the real world, which can be a bit daunting. How to go about life without school for the first time can be tricky to navigate. Not everyone has a job lined up after graduation, which means TONS of grads just like you are trying to land their first gig.

If you find yourself a few months out of graduation with no success in landing that first job, it may be time to evaluate your approach. Here are some additional tips to find work:


Getting a job is much easier if you already know somebody in the field you are trying to enter. Whether it’s asking a family member, cousin, friend, or people you have previously worked with, the options are endless in terms of trying to find a prospective lead in your job search.

If the word-of-mouth approach doesn’t work, consider using LinkedIn and sending connection requests to professionals who work in your field. A kind and polite message can go a long way.

An alternative is to use Bumble (yes the dating app), which has a feature called Bumble Bizz specifically designed for professionals trying to network. Since most of us use social media (a lot), this could also be an effective search tool.

Consult a Staffing Agency

Look, an agency job may not be the dream, but it’s a start. There are plenty of staffing agencies that can place you into work for your field, and you can slowly accumulate some relevant experience (and money). Though some jobs may be temporary or part-time, your resume gets boosted. Think of it as one of the side hustle gigs you could have. Agencies like Randstad, Manpower, and Kelly Services are reputable, while Avenica is specialized for recent grads. You could consult agencies online or visit their offices in-person.

Use a Job Search Service for Recent Grads

Job search services are different from agencies in the fact that they are essentially Indeed or Monster, but can be tailored to recent grads. In other words, search engine sites like WayUp, After College, or CollegeGrad only list entry level jobs intended for recent grads, making your life ten times easier.

In addition, you could try a job search site specific to your field. Because Indeed and Monster are broad, you could try searching on if you are looking in that field, for example.

Revisit Your Resume and Cover Letter

Your resume is an employer’s first impression of you since you likely don’t meet face to face first. Therefore, it serves as a critical piece to landing an interview. It always helps to modify your resume from time to time. You could also have it written professionally to make it stand out. Yes, unfortunately that costs money (which you probably need to save), but if it lands you the job, it’s all worth it. There are tons of services that will rewrite your resume for a fee, and others such as TopResume do a free resume review within a couple days.

Nowadays, applying online, following up, and waiting for an interview is the most straightforward approach, but it may not always work. Sometimes employers barely glance at or don’t even look at applications due to the competition. If one method doesn’t work, you can always try another. Remember, persistence and patience is key in the job search. You are still trying to prove yourself until you can get valuable experience on your resume. The ups and downs of a job search are only natural. All that matters is not lessening your motivation to succeed in life and be granted the chance to do what it is you want to do.

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