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Liz Buffa
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October 04, 2021

What if you could get a college degree for free? Sound Impossible? University of the People begs to differ. Dubbed as the world's first tuition-free online academic institution, it is dedicated to the global advancement and democratization of higher education

The mission of University of the People, or UoPeople, is to create a truly global opportunity for education. A thousand students who live in 115 different countries are taught by the university's core of 2,000 volunteers. And traditional universities are starting to open their doors to this very nontraditional free counterpart.

Recently UoPeople has collaborated with New York University to bridge its online curriculum with NYU's brick-and-mortar offerings. As of May, NYU's Abu Dhabi campus now accepts students from University of the People.

For more information head over to Mashable and University of the People.

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