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October 04, 2021

Summer is in high gear. Keep your kids' arithmetic skills sharp with these fun summer activities.

1. The summer lemonade stand.

It doesn't have to be lemonade, but allowing your kids to set up a stand in the yard selling something will help keep them counting and give them a sense of accomplishment. If they'd rather draw than cook, they can sell custom protraits or accrostics.

2. Cook something.

Have younger children sort ingredients or count eggs while older children can work on fractions, serving size and measurements.

3. Build something.

A tree house, birdhouse, or fort can teach your child geometry, square footage and angles as she/he plans and builds something.

These three ideas are just the beginning. Walks in the park, running erands, and going out to a restaurant all offer opportunities to help your child practice his or her math skills.

Want more ideas? Click here for more ways to help your child learn over the summer.

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