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December 18, 2019

If you’re an LD student applying to college, you should know about these universities.

If you’re an LD student applying to college, you should know about the following universities — they all have excellent learning disability programs and centers. Consider these schools if you’re looking for a college with extra support, guidance, and a network of professionals to help you achieve your dreams.

The University of Connecticut’s Center for Students with Disabilities offers UCPREP, a program designed to help incoming freshmen transition smoothly into college life. Beyond Access is available to all currently enrolled students for a small fee, and offers life-hacking skills to ensure your success during and after college.

SALT (Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques Center) at the University of Arizona provides many resources for disabled students, including free tutoring, psychological services, and social programs. They have over 100 tutors and serve over 500 students every year.

The University of Iowa’s REACH program connects students to appropriate scholarships and career guidance, and offers an extensive alumni network. They also pair students with appropriate internships to build some solid professional development.

Students at [Northeastern’s Learning Disabilities Program][4] meet with their own LDP specialist for one hour, twice a week. By meeting regularly, both student and specialist are able to track their progress, growth, and goals.

Keep these schools in mind when applying — it can't hurt to have some extra help during such a transitional time, and it's likely to be a great way to meet some friends also overcoming with learning disabilities.