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Bridget Cunningham
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December 18, 2019

There are plenty of ways you can jazz up a school uniform without getting your student into trouble. Here are some tips that will help her stand out in the crowd.

For many high school students, uniforms may feel like a restriction on one’s personal sense of style.

With a little creativity, however, students can find ways to stay fashionable while still managing to adhere to their school’s dress code.

We take a look at some of the popular uniform styles across the country and ways for students to add individual style to their everyday look.

Dressing Up Slacks

Many of today’s high school uniforms require slacks in their attire. When it comes to dressing up this portion of the outfit, coordination is key. Whether opting for a bolder color or a more relaxed hue, select colors in the same family for your choice of shoes, socks, and — if paired with the uniform — a belt. Don’t be afraid to play around with different styles. A student can try argyle socks or a braided leather belt to incorporate a fun twist into the standard look.

Also, consider the cut of the fabric in your pants. Does your student typically opt for boot cut pants or does the flared look appeal to him more? Considering this feature will not only provide greater comfort to students, but it will also provide for a more defined style.

Patterns and Textures

Playing around with patterns and textures is a fantastic way to include individual style within your uniform. For cases in which the color scheme is more definitive, you may consider turning to shoe selection as a way to make a fashion statement.

Shoes can add a pop of color to one’s look, and if a certain color is required, finding a pair with unique textures or patterns is an alternative option. For girls, patterned tights might be a nice touch to tie together this style.


Depending on the school, accessories such as jewelry or hair clips may also be used to spice up the standard uniform. Achieve a more classic style with the addition of pearl earrings or a vintage watch. For an even more unique style, you child can sport homemade items, such as a friendship bracelet or a bow for her hair. Whether adding curls or a fishtail braid, trying out new hairstyles from time to time is also a fun way to change up your child’s look.

For boys, consider sporting a watch to add a bit of style to your look or, if your dress code allows, add in a tie with a unique pattern for a fresher look.

A book bag or satchel with a fun design or patterned binders and notebooks allow her to showcase her style without the fear of violating dress code. Uniforms certainly don’t have to be viewed as something designed to stifle style, instead uniforms can be a source of encouragement for thinking outside of the box with fashion.