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Lara Rosales

March 12, 2020

In the last few days, multiple colleges have decided to close down because of the Coronavirus. How does this affect students?

In the last few weeks, the entire world has been on high alert because of the Coronavirus. As more and more cases appear, more and more precautions are being taken. People have gone on a buying spree for hand sanitizer, mouth masks, soap, and even toilet paper. If you have been traveling, you are asked to quarantine yourself for at least twenty-one days. For that very reason, many are the colleges that have cancelled their classes for the rest of the semester. This is being done to avoid the spread of the virus; however, how does it affect students?


Students were told at the beginning of the week that classes would be done by Friday. They have to leave their campus and dorms by the end of the week. If we are honest, that is very short notice and does not allow them to prepare properly. This affects students’ housing situation. A lot of them live on-campus and do not have another place to go on such short notice. Not everyone has family nearby where they could go stay until they find somewhere else to go. There should have been a plan set in motion for students to have enough time to find where to go.


So far in America, traveling between states is still allowed therefore students who have family in the states can find a place to stay with them. However, many international flights have been canceled and there are plenty of international students unable to go home. This is another thing colleges should have planned for. Maybe they should have allowed students to stay in their dorms if they did not have anywhere else to go. With such little time, a lot of them will not find a way to make it back home.

Meal Plans

Many students rely on the meals they receive at school and all the discounts or coupons they get for their food throughout the day. With colleges closing, many of them will not have access to warm meals as the winter comes to an end. Telling them to leave the premises interferes with their regular schedules and, for some, it means the amount of food they will have access to during the week.

Mental Health

The spread of Coronavirus is already affecting students on a mental level. There is a lot of different information going around, and many are scared of what could happen if they or their family members get infected. Add to that the stress of still meeting deadlines —before colleges decided to close— and their mental health can be affected. Now, many of them have anxiety regarding finding a place to stay, a way home, or a place to eat. This situation is taking a toll on students’ mental health. Colleges should be providing the right support for those in need.

Everyone around the world is in a state of alert and fear. The news has varied and people do not know what to believe at this point. Many have gone on a shopping spree for food and medicine to keep themselves quarantined. Others are trying to figure out how to keep working to pay their bills but stay safe. Some are scared and nervous because they have no way to make it home. When a virus like this hits, people freak out and it can affect us all. With colleges closing, most students have been affected and it can be very stressful for them. Colleges should be willing to help students in need and provide the resources needed for them to stay safe through this time. What do you think? What has your college done?

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