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Olivia Pandora Stokes
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April 02, 2020

Pivot Your Approach.

Looking for a new job can be stressful, add a global pandemic and it’s possible that you are overwhelmed. Those feelings are valid and it’s important to recognize how no one expected anything of this nature to happen. Companies have reported layoffs or furloughs, some HR teams are pausing their interviews or offers, and there is economic uncertainty. Despite all of this, there are still steps you can take to continue your job search and improve your career. It’s also worth noting you don’t have to apply each of these tips, do the ones that work within your current head space, budget, and schedule.

Initiate the Conversation With HR

If you’re in the middle of a job application, it can be a good idea to write a simple email stating you understand the current situation and are still interested in the position. In your email, you can acknowledge how the time-frame may change, but you will keep this company in mind. Make sure you keep your tone cheerful instead of imposing, this is a difficult time for hr departments also.

Keep Networking

Just because you have to stay at home doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways for you to network. Log-on to your LinkedIn, networking sites like Elpha, and social media channels to participate in digital conversations. Also if you look around the internet you will see companies and websites offering “happy hours" via Zoom or webinars where people can speak on their career transitions. You can also post about different projects and skills you’ve been working on. With all of your communication, it’s best to “read the room" first. Networking can still happen, but remember what is going on. I’ve seen people share their promotions or new jobs and people are still excited for them. However, take into account the topics being discussed before you comment or post.

Continue To Check Out Job Boards

Despite all that is going on there are companies still hiring. HR departments have switched to a remote interview process, involving phone calls and video chats. If it is an office job, they are offering a later start date or remote work until the office is available again. For those who get offers for remote jobs, they may be able to start immediately or wait until the market improves a bit. If a company is expressing their interest, continue with the process as best as you can. A job offer can be closer than you think!

Consider Remote Work

The requirement of social distancing has led to a dramatic increase in remote work. There are people who are starting to notice they prefer remote work or that remote work gives them more flexibility. If you are one of the people who think you will enjoy a teleworking option, you can start looking at remote jobs. A good place to start is looking at companies that are known for allowing remote work. There are websites like FlexJobs,, WeWorkRemotely, and that focus on remote positions. Traditional job sites, like LinkedIn, give you the option to view only remote jobs.

Noodle has also looked into the different industries that offer remote work, if you're interested, check out this article.

Spruce Up Your Personal Branding

This can be the perfect time to update your resume or personal website. If you want to edit the content or design of your resume, you have time to research new strategies. For those who need to finish their personal website or add new details you also have the time to do this. Updating these, along with taking a look at your overall online presence can give you the boost you need once more companies begin hiring again at a normal rate.

Reconsider Your Wants In a New Job

If you want to take a pause from your job search that is perfectly fine too. However, one essential thing I recommend is to make a new list of what you want in your next job. Coronavirus has opened a lot of people’s eyes when it comes to their job. Some people have realized they work at an awesome company that prioritizes their well-being, yet others have noticed their company isn’t as supportive as they once said. Include employee treatment now into your job considerations later. This can also give people clarity about their opinions on remote work. After this, some will like the option of flex-teleworking, but others are seeing virtual work isn’t right for them.

Remember during this time we’re all doing the best we can. Like I mentioned before, do whichever steps you feel comfortable with right now. As the news changes every day, your situation may change also and that’s okay. This can mean transitions have a different time-frame or are different than you expected. For those who are still job-searching, there is still hope and actionable steps to take.

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