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Mandy Li
Noodle Expert Member

May 04, 2020

Having online classes can be hard, here are some tips to get you productive.

Having all your classes to be online can be hard to stay on top of your assignments. There are many ways to stay on top of your classes. Here are some tips to get you being productive when you have online classes.

Attend All Your Class Meetings

Having to attend all your class meetings by setting up your alarm or put it on your calendar reminder app is a great way to remember to attend all of your class meetings. By attending your class meeting you won't miss out on any important information you wouldn't get on a power-point versus a lecture you are attending.


Treat your online classes as a routine by going to all of your online class meetings when you have it. The more you go to your online classes meeting the more it becomes a habit.


Write down a list of things you need to do and set up reminders on your calendar or any apps that will remind you to do your tasks and when your assignments will be due. This will help you to stop procrastinating where you will know the deadlines to your assignments and get on track to do your work.

These are some tips to get you productive when you have online classes. Having a routine will help you stay productive and make sure to set reminders for all your assignments.

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