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December 18, 2019

How do you choose the right study abroad program? Ask yourself these four questions to find a study abroad program that you can afford, enjoy, and learn from.

When it comes to deciding what type of overseas experience you'd like, you have a world of choices to sort through. How do you choose the right study abroad program for you?

To get you started on your study abroad search, here are four questions to ask yourself when choosing a study abroad program.

1. What are your academic goals?

Do you still have requirements to complete for your major? Make sure to ask yourself the important logistical questions about how your study abroad fits into your broader academic requirements, course of study and graduation schedule. There's no question that once you're abroad, you'll learn just as much outside the classroom as inside it; just make sure that you'll still be on track when you get home.

2. How does your study abroad fit in with your professional or post-grad goals?

You may want to do an internship while you study abroad. If you know what you might like to do, you may want to think about whether or which foreign language will look best on your resume. Is there a particular culture or location that would be impressive to employers in your profession?

3. What language do you want to speak or study?

Learning or perfecting a second language has traditionally been a large part of studying abroad. Ask yourself if you'd like to study in English or another language. If you plan to learn or improve your foreign language skills, you may want to talk to an instructor to determine which level of language fluency you're ready to study in. Furthermore, many languages are spoken in several countries by native speakers with a variety of different dialects. You may want to do research or ask around to see if a certain dialects or regional accents are suited to your level of fluency or interests.

4. How much money can you spend?

Keep in mind that your cost of living while abroad will vary dramatically depending on where you'd like to study. Some countries have a low cost of living and others are exceptionally expensive. Costs may also vary between a rural area of one country and the major cities. And don't forget about exchange rates! The exchange rate between your home currency and your host country can make a dramatic difference in how far your money goes abroad.

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