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Mandy Li
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February 18, 2020

Going to your morning classes can be tough. Here are some tips on how to arrive to your class on time.

We all have those classes where there are not enough class sections for the class you have to take during a semester. There are only limited class times for the class you need to take and it may not be the desirable time you want it. Dreading that 8 am or that 7 am class at college? Here are helpful tips to get to your morning class. 

One helpful tip to arrive in your morning class on time is to set an alarm. Setting an early one hour earlier or half an hour earlier to get ready can help you arrive on time. Whether you are commuting by using the subway make sure to check what the train will arrive and if you commuting by driving make sure to check for traffic. One helpful tip for commuting is to check for later times if you will be arriving on time when you miss the first train, there will be a second train that you can take and see if you will be able to arrive on time. Another helpful time for going to your early morning classes is by getting to your class on time waking up at the same time and being ready by the door at the same time. That way you know what your arrival estimate is going to be each time. Getting enough sleep is important to make sure you are fully awake, making sure you are functioning and being aware of your surroundings. 

By getting enough sleep and knowing how long the commute you will get there, you will be able to arrive there on time. It may be tough for the first week of the semester of school but it will get easier as the days go on and sticking to a routine will help your body to be able to be awake and get through the day. You might like to have your morning classes to be able to arrive early and end early for your days. This is a great practice because once you get out to the real world when you have a job you will be able to wake up early and arrive on time.