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Aarron Sholar
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April 13, 2020

With colleges cancelling Spring commencements for 2020 graduates nationwide, many seniors are quite bummed out (myself included), but how can you celebrate this milestone without the whole ceremony?

A few days ago, as my family and I sat at the dinner table while watching the news, a story popped up where High School seniors were holding their proms in their homes with their parents and siblings. They all got dressed up and danced with each other and ate finger foods. This got me thinking: how can college seniors celebrate the end of their college career?

1) Cook your favorite meal

Since graduates all over are confined to their homes, it makes going out for a celebratory meal quite difficult. You could order take-out, but it doesn't seem to have the same flair that going out to eat does. However, there's still hope! With grocery stores still open to the public, try getting some ingredients and whipping up a dish you REALLY love! It'll be fun to make, since it's something different, and your whole family can come together and celebrate among yourselves. This time of graduation can still be held dear through little things like this.

2) Go through your stuff and clean out your wardrobe

Now this may come as a shock, as it's not really a traditional way of celebrating graduation, but hear me out. Graduation is a time where one chapter of your life is ending and another is beginning, whether that be graduate school or a career. A few years ago, that whole Marie Kondo stuff started to speak to people, but it seems to have died down the past few months. With this time of change and transition, a change in your look can be fun as well. Purge your closet and dresser of clothes you haven't worn in the past few months, ones your iffy about, or ones that may even bring about bad memories. With a new chapter, try a new look! And even better, you can donate your old clothes to others who may need them in this time of crisis.

3) Take a weekend to yourself

With the current self-isolation going on, it isn't hard to find days to keep to yourself. Especially with all this chaos going on, along with graduations to celebrate, taking a weekend to care for or enjoy yourself sounds like a great way to reward yourself for the last four years of troubles and work. Sleep in, eat your favorite foods (even if they're not the healthiest), FaceTime your friends and watch a movie together, or spend quality time with your family. Whatever you do to relax and take your mind off of school for now, you've gotten through some of the worst of it!

With the saved money due to the lack of commencements come saddened college seniors who won't have their own undergraduate graduation. Although we can't all walk the stage to the cheers and roars of parents, we can celebrate all our undergraduate accomplishments in other, more creative ways. Celebrate in your own way, you've earned it!

Here's to you, Spring of 2020 college graduates.

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