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Aarron Sholar
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April 03, 2020

With the Coronavirus running rampant around the world, people's lives everywhere were suddenly disturbed, especially students. But how can students thrive while being away from the school setting?

Schools and communities all over the world have started to transition to entirely online courses. One of the most noteworthy aspects of going away for college is that of being away from family in an environment that is all your own and one you can focus at. The college environment is one that allows for a certain freedom, but it also allows students to focus on school, especially since they're at school all the time. If you were one of these students who were suddenly uprooted and forced to continue school from home, how can you prevent it from feeling like high school 2.0?

1) Keep to your schedule

I'm guilty of struggling with this idea. Luckily, my school is keeping all the classes at the same times online, but budgeting time for homework, alone time, and even eating, can be tricky. I'm the type of person who writes out a weekly schedule at the beginning of every semester, so I can set aside time for activities like going to the gym and practicing my violin. At home, though, this is tough. In my State, Maryland, all gyms have been closed down. Also, I'm a bit self-conscious about practicing my instrument in front of others; at home I could practice without caring who heard me, but here, my whole family can hear me throughout the house. Luckily though, I've been able to go on runs the same days I would go to the gym, and I'm slowly getting more used to practicing around more people. Although we're all cooped up in our houses now instead of walking across campus, sticking to your schedule can help maintain some taste of that college life.

2) Face Time your friends

While I'm at school, I'm constantly around my friends and can go hang out with them easily, however, at home, I don't have many friends close by. With the addition to social isolation, times can get lonely, especially for young students who are so used to chilling with their friends at school. Although your friends may be far away, or you may not be able to see them at the time, doesn't mean you still can't chat and hang out with them. My friends and I are all into Animal Crossing, and with the recent game, we often Face Time while we all play to imitate playing together. Calling up your friends on the phone or Face Time can help alleviate your loneliness and let off some stress too.

3) Find a suitable space to do your work

When I first started undergrad, I was so excited to finally have a desk to do my schoolwork at. When I was forced off of campus and back home, I was worried that I wouldn't have a dedicated space to do my work. Luckily, my parents were kind enough to clean off the desk our old desktop was on for me to work at. Some students can work successfully while in bed or on the couch, but some need that dedicated space to do their work, to get in the school mindset. Whether it's a space like a desk or one where you can close everyone else off, a dedicated place to do your schoolwork may help you keep that college-work-mindset.

This serious pandemic is taking a tool on people worldwide, and students are definitely included. With such a sudden change, it can be hard for some to keep up in their schooling while out of that environment. Hopefully, with some suggestions and trial and error, college students nationwide can continue this semester with ideally minimal troubles.

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