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Olivia Orme
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January 24, 2020

Waking up in the morning is difficult enough. The last thing anyone wants is to enter the kitchen, stare at an empty coffee pot and anticipate the arrival of a caffeine kick.

Waking up in the morning is difficult enough. The last thing anyone wants is to enter the kitchen, stare at an empty coffee pot and anticipate the arrival of a caffeine kick. A cup of coffee can be a crucial part of the day or a last-ditch effort to push through that all-nighter that wasn’t anticipated. For many of us, caffeine makes the world go round.

Creating a space dedicated to that time of the day is very important because it can set the tone for how we want to approach the obstacles in front of us. Having a cup of coffee creates a mindset, whether it’s focused during the week or relaxed on a Sunday morning. Therefore, making the perfect coffee bar is no easy feat. The space should be completely yours and helps alleviate stress, not add to it. Here are four important tips to consider when creating your coffee bar.

Keep the space clean

One of the most important parts of any space is knowing where everything is. By keeping your coffee bar organized, you know exactly where you’re reaching. Set up your coffee pot, Keurig or Nespresso maker in an area that allows enough space. You want it to be a place that looks inviting, so if it feels cluttered or crowded, it won’t be very encouraging. Have containers for whatever you might need, like mason jars for tea bags or coffee beans. If you enjoy tea, keep your kettle or hot water heater in a nearby place. That way everything is in the same location, and you aren’t scrambling around in the first few minutes of your day.

Have all of your tools ready

The best part about making coffee, if you aren’t in a rush, is the creativity. Art designs or different flavors of coffee are extremely trendy. Have all of your tools and gadgets ready so you don’t have to keep going into different cabinets to achieve your artistic goal. Personally, I also enjoy French Press Coffee when I have time on the weekends. The Espro P5 Coffee Press is easy to use, and an affordable price. Keep it in a nearby spot as a nice treat for your Sunday morning. Have a milk frother? Keep it in a stand on the counter, or make sure it blends seamlessly with your other coffee accessories. The Bodum Chamboard Milk Frother is small enough to leave out, without taking up too much space. Liquid flavoring? Buy some clear soap dispensers, and label each one. You can see exactly what you want and pump accordingly. Leave a small teaspoon out for stirring and a small container for sugar. These simple tricks save you time, which means you won’t have to wake up as early. For more essential coffee products, click HERE for affordable coffee makers and accessories.

Make it inviting

Since most of us drink coffee to start our day or give us an extra push when we are feeling tired, make the space inviting, so you’ll have an extra jolt of energy. Put up some of your favorite quotes or song lyrics. Have a picture or two of a loved one. Leave a mason jar and notepad out for people who drop by. They can write something down, fold it up and leave it as a piece of encouragement for you later. It can be a “morning motivation" jar. Your coffee bar should be inviting so the tasks ahead aren’t as worrisome.

Access = Accomplishment

Easy access means more accomplishments. If you aren’t worrying about the little things, you can focus more on what you need to get done. Having everything in one spot makes your routine easier and life less stressful. Make your coffee pot the night before, and set a timer for it to go off each morning. Have your K-Cups in a jar next to the Keurig, so you don’t rummage around looking for one. Leave a stack of to-go cups nearby if you are someone who oversleeps. Have all of your mugs hanging from your cabinet or set in a place close by so you aren’t wasting those extra seconds. It might seem like little details, but having access to the things that simplify the day will pay off in the long run.