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Mindy Zhang
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June 01, 2020

Guide to Remote Work

Who is starting a remote internship next month? If you are starting one this summer or for the future, read on for some tips on how to succeed at a remote internship. A remote internship may seem different, but you can still succeed at one!

With COVID-19 in the picture, many students have either lost their internships or switched to remote internships. Remote internships can require a bit more work on your end. To succeed at a remote internship:

Maintain Constant Contact with Your Manager 

When you work at an office, you can easily find someone to ask questions. However, now that work is remote, it might seem harder to find someone around you. Miscommunication can also happen when you’re miles apart. It’s important to remember that you can still ask questions. Update your manager on the tasks you completed each day with an email and use a group chat to ask them questions whether it be on Slack or Skype. Don’t try to figure out something on your own if you're confused, ask for clarifications in the chat or even ask time when they’re available for a call.

Join Virtual Social-Bonding Company Events 

Some of you might be thinking, “Great, now that’s it’s remote, I’m not going to make any friends." Going remote shouldn’t stop you from building connections. If you want to connect with other coworkers, be responsive in group chats. If you see a coworker sending a gif or even celebrating something, comment on it and join in on the fun. By responding, you are creating a stronger bond with your coworkers. Some companies have implemented virtual social events such as watching movies together or doing yoga together. Don’t miss out on these events! These events allow you to meet other coworkers and interns. You might even find friends who share the same hobbies.

Turn on Your Camera and Contribute 

Are you feeling shy or maybe a bit introverted? Some of us may be used to turning off the camera in a Zoom class, but when working remotely, it is extremely important to have your camera on at all times. Having your camera on is a sign of respect to your fellow coworkers. In a remote setting, it is hard sometimes to demonstrate your ability, so make sure to contribute to discussions in meetings if you have the chance. Don’t be afraid to speak your thoughts about a project. Your coworkers will appreciate your effort and enthusiasm!

Succeeding a remote internship requires diligence, concentration, and dedication. Whenever you’re struggling, remember to maintain contact, join company social events, and contribute as much as you can. Distractions can happen when you’re working remotely, but you can do it with the help of these tips. Be the best intern you can be for your internship. Let’s focus and succeed!

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