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Carlos R. McCray
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September 04, 2019

Deadline: 4/6/15

Word count: 500 - 700 words

Key issues and themes:

The benefits of fostering diversity and multiculturalism in the classroom (some of the ones cited in this study include increased creativity, critical thinking, and engagement)

Examples of how to teach multiculturalism in the classroom:

  • This article discusses how NYC private schools are creating workshops and groups where students discuss white privilege and race. Discussions about white privilege are complex, here is another point of view

  • Schools sometimes hire diversity consultants for help.

  • Incorporating sources and literature written by and about underrepresented groups.

  • Encourage students to speak about how their identities affect their perspectives.

  • Examine how biases may affect the way you interact with your students (asking certain students to speak more than others, etc.)

  • Be vigilant about microaggressions (here is a great resource with definitions and suggestions)

Resources that teachers can use:

Questions that parents should ask / things that parents should look for