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Alizah Acosta
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January 24, 2020

Gun violence has been on the news a lot lately, especially with people petitioning for different forms of change in hopes for a safer, better community. Some people think we should prohibi

Gun violence has been on the news a lot lately, especially with people petitioning for different forms of change in hopes for a safer, better community. Some people think we should prohibit guns, while others believe arming teachers is the solution. Here’s what ten young adults have to say about gun safety in the United States.

Focus on the at risk people
The gun issue is due to a lack of awareness and concern for the “at risk" people who are negatively influenced or prone to be violent. There should be training for teachers, bosses, and individuals in acknowledging and identifying the signs of someone who may need help. At risk people are often ostracized, neglected, and/or troubled. But psych evaluations, counseling options, support groups, and hotlines could be put in place to protect them and others.

More laws on guns
To possess a gun, it should be a longer process that includes things like mandatory insurance or fees, large penalties if you lose a gun or have one stolen, and so forth. Teachers should be armed, or armed police officers should be at schools, places of business, and other areas where there could be potential threats. Teachers should have the option to have a gun, carry pepper spray, mace, have batons, or other forms of protection.

Age should be a factor
There should also be an age limit to possessing a gun. People can learn to shoot under supervision, but they should not be able to purchase a gun under the legal adult age. There needs to be more rules so that only the right, mature people are the ones getting guns.

A stricter definition of the Second Amendment
Americans have the right to own guns only to protect themselves against tyranny and an unjust government. Guns should only be available to the government, the police, and the militia (such as the Army). The fact that guns are made to kill is the reason we should not have them amongst ourselves. No one has the right to kill someone else unless it is in combat.

It starts with the media
Controlling the media is the way to obtain a safer environment. Things like video games, shows, and movies are putting out agendas that violence is “normal." Society has become desensitized to the realities of how cruel and wrong killing people truly is. The first step in the right direction comes through some sort of censorship so that kids aren’t growing up with wrong ideas in their heads. A few years back, we didn’t have the violence we do today. We should ask why that is and think about how today’s shows and movies are often centered around evils such as violence and death.

A better screening process is needed
The issue will not be solved by banning assault rifles, or AR’s. Most crimes are committed by handguns, and most handguns are semi-automatic, like most AR’s. The solution, instead, rests in a better screening process.

Looking towards other countries
Australia should be the blueprint to a safer America. After taking away their guns, crime rate went down, and some believe a similar thing would happen in America. To have guns available in a country where it is getting abused is enabling crime, in a way. There are other forms of protection, like tasers and knives, and there are other ways to shoot deer. Taking away guns solves a greater issue than not having guns would create.

We are in a pretty good state
There is always room to improve as a society but there are already laws in place that should protect Americans. It is already illegal for people with criminal backgrounds to get guns. Not only this, but the process to get a gun is not as instantaneous as people make it seem. It rather takes a standard 25-day period to be approved to own a gun. The government could suggest having online profiles and getting fingerprinted upon getting a gun to make that person easier to track and convict for a crime.

Banning select guns
The government should ban the use of semi-automatic handguns and assault rifles. Most gun related crimes are committed with one of these two kinds of guns, therefore, they should be taken away. Machine guns are also not readily available to the public and should stay that way. This still leaves room for the purchase of select shotguns, handguns, and rifles, which protects the Americans’ right to own a gun.

As diverse as all these views are, no one thinks that we have the perfect system in America. There are too many gun crimes going on that could be avoidable with the right regulations. It is important to advocate for gun safety and make the reality of this issue known.