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December 18, 2019

George Mills, the Vice President of Enrollment at the University of Puget Sound, gives Noodle some insight into their admissions office.

We interviewed the Vice President of Enrollment at the University of Puget Sound, George Mills, to find out tips for getting into UPS and surprising facts about the school.

Noodle Education: What is a great insider tip for getting in to Puget Sound?

George Mills: Take difficult classes in classes in high school and do well in them. Know who you are, and be able to express it in your application.

NE: What is one thing that would surprise our readers about the students at your school?

GM: They are very outdoors oriented and environmentally conscious.

NE: If were coming to visit your campus, what's one thing I should be sure to see or do?

GM: Definitely take a look at the redwood tree, because it is symbolic of the campus community. Also go see the hatchet - a tradition that has been circulated among each graduating class for the past century.

NE: What is one thing students should NOT do when applying to your school?

GM: Certainly they should not slack off during their senior year. Also, their application essay should not be written in a voice other than theirs.

NE: I got waitlisted at your school: Do you have any advice for me?

GM: First of all, keep in touch with us. Also, be sure to provide additional information so we can review your file and get back in touch.