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Lara Rosales

March 10, 2021

Entrepreneurs seem to be thriving lately, but is this a viable career? Could it be something to pursue?

Graduating from college seems to get scarier with every passing year. Job hunting becomes harder. More experience is being required. And after the Coronavirus pandemic every industry has suffered. Uncertainty is the perfect word to describe life after college. What will happen next? Will I find a job? What opportunities are out there?

Many graduates–no matter how long ago their graduation was–have taken matters into their own hands and created the job opportunities they had not been able to find. This is how entrepreneurs came to be. Who are these people? The dictionary describes an entrepreneur as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk." In recent years, many have opted for this career path and have been thriving.

Why Become an Entrepreneur?

Many entrepreneurs start their own businesses because they want to create for themselves the opportunities they are unable to find with other companies. Certain jobs require years of experience without giving anyone the opportunity to acquire this experience. By starting their own business, they gain the experience while also controlling the direction in which the brand will go. They create, lead, and manage a business without having to report back to someone else.

Others decide to become entrepreneurs because they have a product they would like to sell. Many artists begin this way. Digital platforms have given them the resources to share their art with the world and make a profit out of their creations. Several artistic entrepreneurs have taken to social media apps like Twitter to connect with future customers and other artists, building a worldwide network that guarantees more sells. We can say entrepreneurial ventures are extremely connected to social media and technology.

There are those who begin their business because they see an opportunity. They are smart enough to realize there is a public demand and they have the tools and resources to meet those needs. With innovative ideas, great connections, and amazing advertising skills they are able to take their brand to the next level and maintain a certain lifestyle based on the income they make for themselves.

Is it a Viable Career Option?

Many entrepreneurs will tell you this is the best career they could have had. They set their own schedule, do not answer to anyone else, have the flexibility to work and play when they want, and they are able to connect with their passions. Even though the risk is big, the success can be even bigger. It is a career path that can lead to big fortune if done correctly.

Obviously, it is a hit or miss, but that happens with any industry you choose. You need to be smart about the business deals you make. You need to know exactly how to sell your product in a way that will be appealing to your target audience. You need to prove what you are offering is unique and innovative. But if you figure those things out, if you know exactly how to run your business, you can be extremely successful. And that is why more and more young adults are choosing to venture into the entrepreneurial world.

Just like with any decision you make in your life, you need to do the appropriate research before choosing. Study the market you want to insert yourself into. Learn about your competitors. Weigh out your options. Prepare your product and your business before launching it to the world. Becoming an entrepreneur may seem easy, but there is a thought process behind everything they do.

If you are a risk taker and believe you have something new to offer the world, maybe becoming an entrepreneur is the right career move for you.

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