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Tahiry Sanchez
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March 10, 2021

Not all students are able to participate in remote learning without internet.

The move to a remote learning environment is no easy feat, especially during times of uncertainty. School districts need to be prepared to deal with various challenges from resolving data privacy risks in virtual classrooms to ensuring educators are trained to teach in an online environment. But one of the most brought up concerns is the factor that over 8-million students will face the challenge of completing or even attending online classes. Reason being, is first the lack of access to internet, and secondly the lack of technology base. According to a survey in NCES over 34% of students in New York do not have internet access at home due to not being able to afford it, let alone own a laptop or desktop at home. This was never really brought up until now, because we are relying our daily task on technology due to the pandemic. This has created a huge chaos because it has built barriers to connectivity. As we are getting ready for the first week of the academic school year, we are still wondering how some students are going to be able to get access to their online classes. In some cases, we might even be concern for ourselves, because this issue could be something we are experiencing at this very moment. In due case, if it is a concern for you, someone else, or simply a topic you are curious about for others. There are sources that surely might help in these times of need. As said before, there is a rainbow at the end of every storm. With this situation in mind, a number of businesses and outlets have stepped up to help students pursue their journey to education. Here is a list of 5 outlets that will help you find ways to get on with this pandemic and make your remote learning easier.

1.Cell-Phone Providers In help of Pandemic

Many known cell phone providers have taken a toll in stepping up to help people in need. Providers like T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon have taken few adjustments to provide and help people to be able to still have access to internet, to continue with their academic school year.

-Cell Providers will not cancel service to any residential or small business customer due to the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic due to their inability to pay their bills. This will help many students make use of internet access through cell phone service.

- They open Wi-Fi hotspots to any American who needs them, and could get access to free internet by going on their websites or contacting these providers for them to provide more information.


Spectrum is also provided a helping hand by offering free internet access to students who contact them and offer proof of this academic year's attendance at school. It's also helpful to find information on their website service. If you are part of a low-income family with a school kid, you would be able to get free internet and even appliances. It covers from kindergarten to college.

3.NYC Pubic Libraries

New York City Public libraries are also re-opening and are going to be also major help for many students. 22 different branches around the are reopening with pandemic safety regulations and you would need to look in their website to see each locations rules and regulations with the limited capacity availability for each location.


Is providing free hot spots when you download their app on your phone, tablet or computer. Due to the pandemic Xifinity is not only allowing their costumers to enjoy this feature of free hot spot but also letting any other individual who downloads their app, have it as well in help with the situation of the pandemic.

5.Outside Wifi (Bryant Park)- (Charging stands)

There are many outdoor areas around New York City that offer free Wifi, this is so convenient especially in the fall weather with the amazing breeze in an outdoor scenario. Many parks have this wonderful feature, an example of this is Bryant park. You will be able to take your online remote learning in a free and outdoor environment where if you do not mind a few outdoor noises, this would be a great spot recommended to you. Bryant Park offers this feature for anyone who needs Wifi and needs to get some work done.

As you can see, although we are connected to the different situations that we are all some way entitled too facing, there are some great alternatives that people all over have been trying to help others with. We do need to see if we can benefit from these perks and even lend a helping hand by informing others who might have this type of issue.

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