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Linda Lawson
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June 01, 2020

It is okay to feel overwhelmed once you reach finals or exam season. The most important part is that you learn how to handle all the stress so you can successfully pass your exams.

We have all been through it. Everything seems to be under control until it is final exams season. Once we start feeling this way, it is important to remember why we got here and where do we picture ourselves once college is over. Despite grades being a way to measure compromise with our studies, we need to be constantly reminded that they do not represent how much we have learned. Below, you will be able to find some tips and tricks that might be helpful to get you through this high-stress period and will set you in the right mindset to approve your exams and enjoy a well-deserved break.

  • To-Do Lists

By arranging the tasks, subjects, or activities that you need to get done in a list format, you will have a clear idea of how much work needs to get done. The list allows you to measure your progress and determine how much time do you need to complete every single one of your objectives. This provides an easy way to avoid procrastinating too much and gives a starting point, which unloads some of the weight you might feel over your shoulders.

  • Get Enough Sleep

This might seem like an easy tip to follow, but we often find ourselves pulling all-nighters the night before a test. Staying up to finish a project or to read a whole lesson will only result in a tired body and mind. When we get enough sleep, our memory functions in a better way since sleep improves retention and gives our body the energy it needs to work in the right way.

  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Your body and mind will be as strong as you make them. Even when you find yourself within stressful situations, it is important that you still treat your body with kindness and take care of it. Eating food rich in vitamins and having a balanced diet will give you energy and it also affects your emotions. Remember that you should also stay hydrated and avoid drinking excessive amounts of coffee. Working out is another method that improves the way your body and mind feel. Something as simple as a ten-minute walk can have great effects on your mood and concentration abilities.

  • Meditate or Just Breathe

Taking five minutes to breathe and connect with the inner version of ourselves reduces anxiety and stress. Meditating or taking several deep breaths before, during, or after studying clears our minds and allows us to concentrate better.

  • Establish a Studying Station

Studying requires concentration and to successfully do it, you need to find an environment that is comfortable for you without relaxing your way too much. Find a space where you would not be easily distracted and that motivates you to get things done. Some nice locations might be a cafe or a library.

  • Don't Isolate Yourself

As important as it is to give ourselves time to study, it is also to understand that we are not going through anything alone. Studying with friends or classmates might be helpful depending on your learning style or the subject you are working on. Maintaining a balance between studies and social life will also have a positive effect not only on your lifestyle but also the way you feel.

  • Give Yourself Time to Have Fun

To avoid saturating your mind with information, remember to take breaks in-between your studies. Every twenty minutes of studying, you can take a five-minute break. This will allow you to process the information without getting overwhelmed.

After all, do not forget that the entire college experience is about learning and that it should be enjoyable. Sometimes, the stress we are feeling comes from the messages we send to ourselves. Be sure to give the best you can without setting unrealistic standards. It is all about building healthy habits all year long and by the time we get to the exam season, we will feel less worried. Also, remember that there is no technique that will eliminate all of our stress, so the important part is that we learn to manage it in the best way we can. Keeping it balanced between learning about the topics, but most importantly, about ourselves.

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