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March 11, 2021

Scholar Match is a new tool that gets donors connected to students in need.

Looking for new tools to help students get access to education?

Writer Dave Eggers, the force behind McSweeney's Publishing Company and the literacy project 826 Valencia (whose tutoring centers masquerade as emporiums for superheros, pirates, robots and astronauts, as well as a "Bigfoot Research Center."), has organized another way for students to get help paying for college through his new tool called Scholar Match.

Scholar Match allows donors to find high school students who need assistance paying for college. Donors and students are matched by the site. Donors receive updates about the student's progress in college and students get help paying their tuition.

The site is designed to help students who participated in the 826 project, students who have been referred by 826's network of college-access representatives, counselors and teachers, or student who attend high-achieving but high-need schools.

Learn more about becoming a Scholar Match Scholar here.

Want to be a donor on Scholar Match and help students get access to college? Click here for a guide.

To learn more about 826 Valencia click here and to learn more about Scholar Match click here.