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January 24, 2020

Chaos is in the air when we go back to our daily routines. From school, to work, to house duties, our bodies are always on the move.

Chaos is in the air when we go back to our daily routines. From school, to work, to house duties, our bodies are always on the move. With everything that goes on in our daily lives, we need a moment to take a deep breath, and most importantly, feel healthy. Being healthy is very important, especially if we put our body through so many different types of daily tasks.

Morning workout routines will help you have a great active day, as well as a better mood throughout the day. Creating a morning routine should be something fun to do, and not forced. Our body is a temple and we need to treat it with respect and we must carefully determine what is best for it. You can start slow. Maybe try taking a jog around your block. You can also work out at the park or sign up for your local gym. Studies show that if we take around 20-30 minutes in morning to work out, it enhances our mental and physical energy.

The movement that you put into working out is a tremendous source of energy that helps you start your day. It helps you focus… and maintain that same focus and energy to take on any task lined up for you that day. Oftentimes, people use coffee to be “awake" throughout their day. However, a cognitive test proved that exercise is way more effective. Another benefit to having a morning workout is a better sleep cycle. With our busy days, we need to catch up on a good cycle of sleep. Studies show that people who have a morning workout routine also have a longer sleep cycle at night, due to all the adrenaline they have daily. A good morning workout also needs a healthy breakfast, as it is proven that workouts create a fast metabolism. Exercise burns more calories, but it makes you have the urge to eat more, taking in the vitamins that you need for your body; of course, this is only seen when you eat the right sources of food, such as fruits and vegetables. Additionally, it is very important to always stay hydrated, whether you are working out or just doing other daily task.

Drinking water is one of the most important things to do in order to keep a healthy, energized, and active body. The joy of being active gives you so much energy throughout your day. Let’s get motivated to keep that healthy radiant body going:

1. First start off by stretching for 10-15 minutes. A body needs to feel awake and stretched out

2. You can start by taking a small 15 minute jog at your own comfortable pace to feel energized.

3. Do three sets of 10-15 reps of squats to stretch out your back and legs. Try to really feel every inch of your body during the work out

4. Repeat step three and try to set a goal for yourself so you will see the change through time

5. Remember to always stay hydrated. Especially when the weather is warm, this is super healthy for you.

6. After a full body stretch, play a sport, go play soccer, or even a bit of basketball to relax and calm your muscles.