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India Andrews
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February 18, 2020

The struggle after college

From my personal experience, everything felt unreal once graduation day arrived. I was full of different emotions but unable to control them. Questions roamed my mind such as, "What is next?", "Will I find a job?", and more. As we know it, college is stressful but rewarding in many ways, but life after graduation is a whole different ball game.

Now that I have a Bachelor's Degree, I assumed that it would be easier to find a job but I was wrong. I have been struggling to find a job within my field to the point where I wanted to give up. From the endless searching to the no call backs and rejections, my motivation began to decrease. My brain began telling myself that something must be wrong with me if nobody wants to hire me. Sooner than later, I found out that I was not alone. Many people have a hard time finding jobs after college for different reasons. For me personally, I thought that having no experience and no connections was the reason why I was having trouble job searching. At my school, they did not require an internship as a requirement of the program. If they did, many students may have had the opportunity for a job after the internship or at least make connections during their time there. As an English major, it may have been harder to find an internship due to my location. Time has passed so there is no reason to dwell. Everyone faces rejection but you should not let that interfere with your motivation. The goal is to keep striving to achieve your goals regardless of the obstacles you encounter.

Now we are in February and I am still jobless within my field. My family and friends are very supportive, so they play a role in my role to keep striving. Although I have a job as a Certified nursing assistant, I know that it is not the field I want to pursue. Besides job searching, I've been taking time to research graduate schools with programs that I am interested in applying too. I've learned that everything takes time, so there is no reason to rush because things will fall into place when you lease expect it.