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Rishi Patel
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January 24, 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular social media outlets out there today, especially among young people. It allows you to showcase the highlights of your life in an epic photo shoot type

Instagram is one of the most popular social media outlets out there today, especially among young people. It allows you to showcase the highlights of your life in an epic photo shoot type way. However, your feed on Instagram sticks for life, unlike come and gone Snapchats. Some Instagram accounts are dedicated to a certain theme, such as food, cars, travel, etc. However, many young people are not likely to stick to that mantra. An Instagram feed is anything you want it to be, as long as you feel you are representing yourself based on your personality, interests, and style. Your feed showcases what makes you unique. Whether you are a seasoned user, infrequent user, or new user, here are some potential themes of photos to make your Instagram feed look more amazing and unique:


Photos including quotes, movements, themes of social awareness, a person special to you, or something you believe in delve a bit deeper into your thoughts, values, and what you believe in. Photos such as these go beyond a simple picture at a random place, and demonstrate your beliefs/passions about what you find most important in the world and spread the knowledge to your followers.

Cherished Items

Whether it’s your car, a collage, banner, poster, your favorite meal, or drink, showcasing sentimental items diversify your feed. A snapshot of your go-to restaurant meal, favorite type of coffee, a collage of friends, or sports poster, puts out to your followers the routines or items in your life that help define you or represent a major part of your identity/interests.


Since Instagram is primarily for posting the best moments in life, be sure to modestly brag about major milestones or accomplishments in your life that some followers might not know about otherwise. This includes academic achievements, a job/internship offer, special recognition, a mentoring role, a graduation, overcoming a daunting hike, or even visiting somewhere special to you.


Posting photos with a friend or a group of friends showcases a special, shared moment you had with other people. Photos of concerts, parties, weddings, and graduations help you to remember the good times you had with friends back in your younger days. These types of photos also apply to significant others, or even pets.


Everyone is busy, so vacations mostly occur infrequently. However, each trip taken is a valuable and wonderful experience, so why not share it on Instagram? Basking in natural scenery, being at Disney World, a zoo, in the mountains, the beach, on top of a tower, or a cruise are special moments which are perfect snapshot captures for Instagram. If you post travel photos frequently, your feed turns into a colorful, visually enticing compilation of different places and scenery. In addition, feel free to pose or wear shades to give off a mellow vibe, as if exploring the world is one of the casual things you do.


After all, this is your feed, so it’s probably a tad bit important to be posting pictures of yourself, especially so people who you see infrequently in person or live far away see how you are doing. Post selfies with friends/family, a celebrity (if you are lucky enough), or just someone you may have met. As your feed becomes more diverse, make sure to showcase your wonderful face in the sea of inspirational, friend, travel, food, pet, and event pictures that now reside in your growing feed.


Filters bring about the glow (or darkness) in your pictures. If the regular old IPhone captured photo version looks bland to you, modifying the picture is another component to make your Instagram feed look more diverse. Another thing is having a trademark or signature component in each or many of your posts, such as a special pose, having shades on, wearing a hat, a certain emotion, etc.

Instagram is truly unique because it allows for creative expression of yourself, a place to portray pictures of your passions and interests, and have a digital profile of personal stardom. It allows other users to see what you are about and capture moments of your life that is just like a highlight reel. With diverse experiences and moments captured on your feed, be grateful in the future that you have a compilation of those special “Insta" moments, as you can admire how your life story has shaped out.