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Maria Popova
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August 09, 2021

“Attention without feeling … is only a report.”

In her altogether magnificent eulogy to her soul mate, the photographer Molly Malone Cook, the wise and wonderful Mary Oliver considers what attention really means:

It has frequently been remarked, about my own writings, that I emphasize the notion of attention. This began simply enough: to see that the way the flicker flies is greatly different from the way the swallow plays in the golden air of summer. It was my pleasure to notice such things, it was a good first step. But later, watching M. when she was taking photographs, and watching her in the darkroom, and no less watching the intensity and openness with which she dealt with friends, and strangers too, taught me what real attention is about. Attention without feeling, I began to learn, is only a report. An openness — an empathy — was necessary if the attention was to matter.

See more, including some of Cook's photographs, [here][2].