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December 18, 2019

We are thrilled to introduce Joanne, the winner of Noodle's $4,000 scholarship!

We are thrilled to introduce Joanne, the winner of Noodle's $4,000 scholarship!

Introduction: Joanne is 50 years old and currently lives on the Navajo Indian reservation in Crownpoint, New Mexico. Originally from the Bay Area, Joanne recalls spending time on the reservation every summer, as she helped her grandmother heard hundreds of sheep.

Education has long been a passion and an interest for Joanne. In the past she's worked in daycare centers and as a head start teacher. Recently she's worked as an AERO Mechanical Intern at the AERO Institute/NASA Ames Research Center and interned for two-and-a-half years at the National Science Foundation.

A true passion for education and technology: Although Joanne took a lot of time off between high school and college, she recently returned to school and is in the process of getting her bachelors degree at Navajo Technical College, also located on the reservation. "All this time in my head [I thought] 'I'm going back to school because that was my mom's last wish for me", she said.

Joanne was such a strong student at Navajo Tech (getting a 3.8 - 4.0 GPA,) that the school hired her as a part time tutor to help some of her classmates! Joanne says she's had an interest in studying technology ever since she took a basic programming class back in the early 1980s. "Technology was always in the back of my head and i just wanted to learn about it so much and when I came here and started working with it."

Joanne plans to complete her bachelors at Navajo Tech in two-and-a-half years and hopes to work as a web designer or programmer. _"I want to fight. I'm trying to find myself...I'm trying. And I'm coming out ahead with school" she said. "I'm really proud to be here. I'm really proud I went back to school."

How did you come across Noodle? Joanne first came across while doing a general scholarship search. Although she's already found a college, Joanne says she plans to use the site to get help using Noodle's learning videos. "The site is amazing," she said. "You guys really look towards success, opportunities and for different characteristics. It's a good site - I really enjoyed it!"

How do you plan to use the Noodle scholarship money? _"I want to help my kids with their textbooks and help myself with my textbooks," said Joanne. Her two children, ages 20 and 26, are also currently enrolled in college and she looks forward to helping them out financially with their schooling. Joanne also plans to buy a laptop computer for herself, treat her family to a nice dinner and says she's just excited to, _"not have to worry so much."

We will keep in touch with Joanne as she works towards her degree - keep checking Noodlings for all the latest on our scholarship winners and upcoming Noodle scholarship offers!