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Mike Westwood
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February 18, 2020

This article will describe my experiences as I progressed through my junior and senior years at Curry College. It will be told solely through my perspective.

I entered Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts in the Spring 2015 semester as a junior with transfer credits from a different college, the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI). Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck upon my arrival. I had two prior years of college experience, but I was now a resident in a completely new environment. Fortunately, my nerves were quelled within about two weeks because I made some friends in the dorm I lived in and made the conscious decision to be confident and outgoing around the campus.

I majored in Communication at Curry College, aspiring to become a professional writer and one day develop the work experience to apply for a Creative Writer position for the professional wrestling promotion, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Watching professional wrestling has been my favorite hobby since I was about nine years old, so I believe I know enough about the WWE's history and storylines to make a positive contribution to their television product. I took many Communication courses at Curry; including Multimedia Journalism, Communication Theory, Leadership Communication, Managerial Communication, Writing for Communication and Media, Culture and Society. Those courses varied in their difficulty, I would say the hardest were Multimedia Journalism, Communication Theory and Media, Culture and Society.

My final grades in those three courses were in the C range, which I was content with. If I had to select my favorite Communication course, I would pick Communication Theory. Communication Theory was one of the hardest courses I ever took in four and a half years of college, the concepts were complex and there was a required research paper to boot. I learned about different communication theories I had never heard of before, such as Group Identity Theory and the theory I based my research paper on, Cognitive Dissonance Theory. I earned an A- on that paper, so I feel good about that looking back four years later.

For any incoming college student considering Curry College, the environment is a very small campus and very easy to navigate by either car or on foot. I do not drive, so I walked everywhere around campus. I would walk around the main perimeter of the dorms and academic buildings listening to my iPod music, which I called my "circuit." I developed a reputation as a very friendly man on campus, saying hello to almost everyone I saw on a daily basis. My good friends began calling me "Mike Mike" and within a year, most people on campus addressed me by that nickname. My socialization and friendliness resulted in developing several close friends, as well as being rewarded with the 2015-2016 "Resident of the Year" Award. The award felt very heartwarming, because I knew at that point that being friendly to people really does make for a great social life. I will always be grateful to Curry College for recognizing my efforts and holding them in such high esteem.

Overall, attending Curry College was one of the best choices I have ever made. I progressed in many aspects of my personal growth, socially and emotionally, and proved to myself as a young person that taking risks and being ambitious is a necessary part of human development. I was able to learn some interesting new things and meet some great people, some of whom I keep in touch with to this day. I highly recommend Curry to any potential college student, it is a great academic institution and full of opportunities to grow and have fun.