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Mike Westwood
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April 16, 2020

This article will detail my suggestions on how a person can take care of themselves in college. It will be told solely from my perspective.

College can be very stressful at times, whether that is due to courses, assignments and any type of extracurricular activity a student is involved in. That stress is important though, because it provides the opportunity to learn how to manage it through various techniques. Coping with stressful situations is a part of college and life in general and being aware of the ways to take care of yourself is vital to ensuring a positive physical and emotional well-being.

While I attended college, I had to learn these skills myself and trust me, it takes practice. I have a very black-and-white way of perceiving life concepts due to my autism, so when I think of the gray area of being happy and not being too hard on yourself, I get really baffled. In my imagination, I am either stressed to the point of being emotionally tired or totally happy, there is not a middle-ground. This is also partially due to an anxiety issue I accept about myself, but I am at a logical disadvantage where according to a professor from the second college I attended, I should learn to think in the gray.

As far as the techniques to manage self-care are concerned, there are multiple. A student can exercise, practice meditation and for me, listening to some music can be useful. Remembering to like yourself is helpful, because at the end of the day, every person in this world is responsible for their own happiness. Working with a therapist and talking to friends is a good way to build a support system and have people to talk to during a challenging time. In my college years, the second college in particular, I made some great friends that kept me motivated me to persevere through my emotional hardships. I will always be grateful to those gentlemen for being there for me.

When a person is self-critical (I am one of them), it takes a physical toll on the human body, as in muscle cramps and headaches. Therefore, the self-care concept is a good way to feel healthy, happy and optimistic and giving your body a break. I have other personal reasons for that mentality, but regardless, other people may find it uncomfortable after a while. It is a part of how a lot of people think, but trying to resolve that mindset and being happy is important to living a fulfilling life.

College can be a good time, academically and socially, depending on the student's attitude and how they react to frustrating times. The experiences are what each student makes it and I wish I could go back and modify some of my choices to have a slightly better time, but I digress. I still had fun experiences and I learned about myself, the most important lesson being to take care of yourself, however you choose to.

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