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Mindy Zhang
Noodle Expert Member

June 29, 2020

Networking in a Remote Work Environment

How do you expand your network in a remote internship? While traditional networking involves meeting someone in person, you can still network with others in a remote internship. In this article, I’ll go through several ways that I personally network with others in a remote internship. These tips can still apply to you even if you don’t work remotely. Without further ado, let’s dive into them!

Use LinkedIn and Add Alumni

If you are starting a new job, it is a great idea to reach out to school alumni who work in the same company. Introduce yourself through a message and let them know you’ll be working in the same company as them. By interacting with alumni, you can have access to advice and resources that can let you succeed at your internship. On the other hand, if you are interested in working in a company, it is helpful to add school alumni who work in that company. School alumni are excellent resources that can help you land your dream internship. If you haven't already, start connecting on LinkedIn! The early bird gets the worm.

Participate in Virtual Community Activities

Does your internship have a social group for interns? Don’t be a stranger and join the group. It’ll make a difference in your internship experience. Interact with the posts made by other interns or posts created for interns to engage together. When you participate in these activities, you’ll learn a bit about other interns such as where they’re from and what their role is this summer in the company. You might even be able to meet fellow interns in the same field or the same college. The possibilities are endless. With the information you obtain from these posts, you can go a step further by searching for these interns on LinkedIn. After finding them, send them a message about how you’re also an intern who started this summer and would like to connect with them! By the end of this summer, you’ll end up with dozens of connections!

Join Virtual Networking Events or Career Fairs

Virtual networking events do exist, and they happen quite often. You can join networking events related to your major and meet experts in your field. Although you might not meet them one on one, you will get a chance to ask questions when you are in the break room. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Asking questions can help you stand out and allow you to learn more about a job or even the process in applying for a certain company. After meeting these experts online, try connecting with them on LinkedIn with a follow up message to show your interest.

Even if we’re working remotely, networking never stops. By using these simple tricks, you can continue to build valuable connections who will be useful in your career path. Regardless of what field you work in, the more connections you have, the more opportunities you will gain in growing your career.

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