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December 18, 2019

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Contact: Jillian Youngblood

Noodle Comes out of Beta; Introduces New Expert Advice Community

NEW YORK, August 4, 2014 – Noodle, which helps people make decisions about education, came out of beta today, introduced an expert advice network, and transitioned to from With detailed data on more than 700,000 education providers and resources, the site now offers an unparalleled user experience for anyone considering a preschool, K-12 school, college, online course, tutor, or other resource. By bringing together experts to write articles and answer user questions, Noodle is providing context and guidance for an overwhelming process.

“When you find the right school or course, your learning experience is more compelling and you’re more likely to see a great outcome," said founder and CEO John Katzman. “Noodle seeks to empower learners, and help you find that right path, based on your interests, strengths and needs."

Noodle offers an alternative to pointless rankings and to lead generation sites that simply drive students to the highest bidders. The company aims to help every learner make the right decision, and is doing so in a way that’s personalized, smart, and honest.

Noodle now provides:

  • advice from a community of experts and friends about every aspect of education.
  • a platform to ask specific questions and get quick, useful, free answers.
  • comprehensive data on schools and education opportunities, allowing a true comparison based on the factors that matter to you as an individual.
  • tools to organize your search and get input from the people who matter to you.

“There are a few answers to a question like ‘What’s the best law school?’" Katzman said. “The wrong answer is ‘Here’s the U.S. News list of best law schools.’ A better answer is ‘Here’s a list that’s tailored to your strengths and interests.’ But the best answer is ‘Why do you want to go to law school?’ Noodle experts are here to help prospective students address the questions they wouldn’t think of asking."

Noodle has steadily released cutting-edge features over the past year:

  • sophisticated algorithms that produce personalized search results for users seeking schools, universities, and graduate programs.
  • organizational and social tools that allow users to keep track of their education searches and get input from friends, family, and others.
  • college ratings aggregated from leading publications.
  • a community where users can ask specific questions and get answers from experts and other users.

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Noodle helps you make decisions about your education. Whether you're looking for a preschool, college, tutor, or learning resource, we provide the expert advice and comprehensive data you need to find the right path. Noodle was founded by John Katzman, creator of The Princeton Review and 2U. Visit us at