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December 18, 2019

Noodle is happy to announce its collaboration with the Center for Education Reform to improve the decision-making process in the education space.

Noodle is thrilled to announce our partnership with the Center for Education Reform!

(CER for short. After all, we're all close friends here now.)

CER was founded in 1993 to help bridge the gap between policy and practice, and restore excellence to education. Based in Washington D.C., the Center is the leading advocate for sustainable and structural changes in education.

"Jeanne Allen and CER are the perfect partner for Noodle--they're deeply knowledgeable, opinionated, and committed to families making the right choice," said Noodle founder John Katzman. " With them and working collaboratively with great K-12 organizations like Great Schools, we can continue to build the world's best education meeting place."

This partnership will allow Noodle to access even more information on K-12 institutions and make it easily accessible to parents. With features like the Parent Power Index, Noodle and CER will help parents make even smarter educational choices for their children. CER's expertise in this field is an invaluable resource, and we look forward to sharing their advice and insight with our users.

"Education remains the key to our economic growth and survival and finding the best education for one's children or individual needs can often be a tortuous task," said CER President Jeanne Allen. "Noodle is the latest brilliant product [by John Katzman and his team] to empower consumers and provide access to great education solutions and schools. The Center for Education Reform is delighted to partner in building this world class opportunity for our collective futures."

This collaboration between Noodle and CER is the beginning of an innovative partnership, as both of us hope to work together to improve access to informed education decision making for parents and students alike.

Follow CER on Twitter @edreform and on Facebook at The Center for Education Reform. And as always, you can follow our Noodle tweets @NoodleEducation and our Facebook fun at Noodle Education.

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