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Grace Sisk
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March 30, 2020

Moving to online classes amid the COVID-19 pandemic. How to stay self-disciplined and safe in a desperate time.

Schools around the globe are switching to online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Not a school in the world is allowed to be in session during this desperate time and some are nervous to make the sudden switch. Myself included. 

I purposely chose to attend a smaller school in order to build closer relationships with my professors. I knew I wouldn’t be able to learn in a large setting, or through online classes. I had a very specific choice of learning that I finally found. It was hard to adjust to the online school, but I’ve found a few tips that work best for me. I realized that implementing structure into your life at a time like this is incredibly beneficial in the long run.

My routine the past week has looked something like this:


7:00am - Wake up/Wash up

7:30am - Make breakfast

7:45am - Eat/Relax

8:30am - Class

10:30am - Do any makeup work/Snack

12:30pm - Class

1:30pm - Lunch/Relax/Work

4:30pm - Class

6:20pm - Prepare Dinner

6:30pm - Eat/Relax

7:30pm - Shower/Get ready for bed

8:15pm - Lay in bed/Watch Tv/Phone until sleep


10:00am - Wake up/Wash up 

10:15am - Make breakfast

10:30am - Eat/Relax

11:00am - Do any work/Hang out

1:00pm - Make lunch 

1:30pm - Go on long walk/Stretch

3:00pm - Clean/Relax/Phone

4:30pm - TV

5:30pm - Go on walk 

6:00pm - Shower

6:30pm - Prepare dinner

7:00pm - Eat/Relax

8:00pm - Do any work/Tv/Phone

10:00pm - Try to sleep


10:00am - Wake up/Wash up 

10:15am - Make breakfast

10:30am - Eat/Relax

11:00am - Do any work/Hang out

12:30pm - Class

2:30pm - East Lunch/Relax

4:00pm - Walk/Workout

5:30pm - Shower

6:00pm - Cook dinner

6:30pm - Eat/Relax

7:15pm - Get ready for bed

7:30pm - Finish all work 

8:30pm - Bed/Tv/Phone/Relax

I don’t have any class on Friday, so I usually keep that day for doing anything I want. I try to do something different each day of the weekend, and stay as active as I can. Eating relatively healthy has also really helped me through this. I already feel uneasy, and don’t want to make it worse by eating something unhealthy. I also like to spend time doing things I wouldn’t normally have the time to do, like getting into a new series or re-watching one you love. I also love to clean everything, and do the things I’ve been putting off for weeks. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you stay productive and get things done.

When it comes to staying on top of school work, I try to make it my top priority to go to every class, and get my work done on time. I’ve been trying really hard to kick my procrastination habit, and focus on what needs to be done before doing anything else. It’s definitely difficult to be self disciplined at this time but in the long run I know it will pay off. Something that works for me, is realizing that I have so much time on my hands; having it go to waste would make a bad situation even worse.

I know I’m not alone when I say it’s hard to do any sort of work with all that’s going on in the world. I’ve struggled with finding a line between wanting to stay “in the know" or cutting off all connection with the news. The more informed I become, the more scared and stressed I get. The absolute most important thing at this time is to stay home, and stay safe. Wash your hands whenever you think of it, avoid touching your face, drink a lot of water, and remember you’re not alone. Every person is dealing with the same thing you are. We will get through it.

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