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January 23, 2020

 As a college student, keeping track of assignments and due dates can be a hassle, especially if you are a full time student. It’s possible, and often times unavoidable, to confuse work fo

As a college student, keeping track of assignments and due dates can be a hassle, especially if you are a full time student. It’s possible, and often times unavoidable, to confuse work for one class  with another’s. However, college planners are a quick fix to any disorganization you have that would prevent you from being on top of school.

The Happy Planner Student Edition by Me and My Big Ideas is a favorite amongst not only college students but mothers and business owners as well. This planner includes  weekly layouts so students can clearly see their schedules for every week. The great thing about this student layout is that there are seven sections for each day; each box can be solely dedicated to a specific class, club, or organization you belong to. Any additional boxes can be used for social events or personal reasons. The planner also has a weekend slot for you to write down any events or weekend plans you have. This planner is a little pricey, but it contains accessories such as stickers, decorations, and freedom to design the planner to your own preference. Also, one unique feature is that the pages can be rearranged to your liking. Their planners come in three different sizes: small, classic, and big.

The Erin Condren Student Planner is similar to the Happy Planner, except you are unable to move the pages around because they are confined to the spiral binding. However, there are snap-in dashboards, such as the meal planner dashboard that allows students to keep track of what they’re eating. There are seven sections for each day of the week as well so that students are able to keep track of each subject and extracurricular activity. This student planner also gives you the creative freedom to use it however you’d like. Additional accessories do cost more, but the planner itself is very helpful to keep students organized.

Next up is the Kikki.K Planner . This planner is expensive, but they  come with a personalized leather cover. These covers are guaranteed to protect the pages in your plannerfrom getting wet, wrinkled, or ripped. They come in different sizes, and they are undated so you can use these planners whenever they’re convenient for you. Once again, pages can be moved around to your liking.

Lily Pulitzer Planners come in beautiful designs and a variety of sizes. They have a jumbo planner for students who prefer placing  their assignments and loose papers in their planners. They come with stickers and small accessories, such as a bookmark, front pocket folders and tabs, to help you stay organized. They also come with an attached elastic band to help keep your planner in tact and closed at all times. These planners do not come with different boxes/sections like the Erin Condren’s and Me and My Big Ideas’ Planners, but they are still great for students who do not want anything too extravagant For those of you who prefer small planners that you can take on-the-go, Lily Pulitzer also has planners available in 5 x 8 ½.

Last but not least, for students who do not care for customizable planners that come with extra accessories, Target carries affordable planners that can help you with due dates and reminders. They have all the basic necessities needed in a planner, and they sell monthly, weekly, and daily planners to provide students with whichever view of their schedule they prefer.

Whether you like planners that come with stickers and unique designs or planners that are simple and straight to the point, it is important for every college student to have one in order to ensure they  stay organized and successful in school.Hopefully, the planners listed will give you an idea on what planner you may want and influence you to make the purchase.