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Bridget Cunningham
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December 18, 2019

Need to find a playdate for your child? Here are a few tips on how working moms can link up.

As the name suggests, playdates are meant to be fun. A time for children to socialize with friends outside of school.

With hectic schedules and little time to spare, planning these dates and getting to know other moms can be a difficult task, especially for working moms. Here are a few tips for working moms on how to organize play dates.

1. Plan Weekend or Evening Meetups

Timing is a hurdle that many working moms encounter when planning play dates. A number of parents prefer to schedule play dates immediately after school. With their busy schedules, working moms often have a hard time coordinating plans within this time frame. As an alternative, consider suggesting a weekend playdate or perhaps an evening play date during the week. This may be a good option for the first few get-togethers so both mothers can be present and have the opportunity to connect in a laidback setting.

2. Make the Most of The Lunch Hour

Completing errands during a lunch break can be a great way for working moms to clear out their schedule for a play date later in the day. By tackling their to do list during this time, working moms will feel less overwhelmed by other tasks at the end of the work day. Thus, they can devote more time and attention to the play date. Consider using this break in the day as a time to pick up items for the get together as well, like ingredients to bake cookies or a movie to watch.

A lunch hour can also be a time for working moms to meet with other mothers. With their children in school, meeting up for lunch during the week can give moms a chance to get to know one another in a less distracting and noisy setting.

3. Coordinate Personal Days with School Breaks

When selecting time to use personal days, try and coordinate with children’s school breaks. Not only will working moms have the chance to spend additional time with their child, but they will also have an easier time planning a play date as the other children from their school will also be on break.

If comfortable doing so, this can be a great opportunity to plan a larger group play date with multiple moms and their children from school. Consider visiting a water park over summer break or perhaps going ice skating during the winter.


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