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Lara Rosales

March 26, 2020

Some of us find a passion in books way beyond our language and decide to pursue a career within that passion. Those of us who choose to Major in Literature always face a certain judgment.

When you told people you were majoring in Literature, did they look at you weirdly? Did they try to change your mind by telling you to study something “useful" like Medicine? Did they ask questions about the kind of job you could get after college? Did they try to make you worry about money? I know a lot of people who have had to face those questions and how unmotivating it could be. But despite the doubts and the fears they tried to make you feel, you went ahead and signed up for your Bachelor’s in Literature. You made it through the criticism so, trust me, you will make it through anything. However, if you are feeling a little scared, I am making this list to show you —and anyone who judged you— the types of job you can get once you graduate.


One of the reasons I pursued this Major was to become a writer. My love for Literature led to a love for writing and I knew this degree could get me one step closer to that career goal. By majoring in Literature, you will have the opportunity to have a career as a writer. Whether you want to write books or work for a magazine, newspaper, or blog, it will give you many tools to perfect your craft and become the writer you always wanted to be. And, let’s be honest, good writers tend to make a lot of money.


As the semesters went by, I realized what my true dream job was: editing. I learned so much about becoming an editor, what it implied, how you could do it, and where you could do it which led to me falling in love with that profession. Editors are needed in many areas —financial companies, legal companies, tech companies, among others— and many job opportunities will arise. It can be hard at first to gain the experience but, once you do, you can have a very successful career as an editor.


One of the most obvious answers to “what kind of job can you get?" is teaching. With a Major in Literature, you can become a reading teacher, a writing teacher, a literature teacher, an english teacher...a very skilled teacher. Many of the Literature Majors I know, have become teachers and are very passionate about what they do. They approach teaching with a more sensitive point of view that helps them connect with their students on many different levels. Some of my favorite teachers had majored in Literature and you may become your students’ favorite teacher too.


If you like investigations, hypotheses, and analyses, you could become a researcher. I know what you are thinking, people do not believe you can be a researcher by just studying Literature, but they are wrong. There is so much to study and analyze in books. There are so many different hypotheses you could come up with and research. And so much of what you study in books can be related to actual movements happening in society right now. You can study the entire world by studying books.


If you like advertisement, a Major in Literature can really get you in the game. Many advertisement companies hire Literature graduates to handle the copywriting, and the creative ideas. We can bring a new and innovative view that helps them reach more people. This is very big right now and there are a lot of opportunities; plus, you can make really good money and put your family’s mind at ease.

These are a few of the professions you could follow with a Major in Literature. There are plenty of opportunities that people do not see because they are too worried focusing on all the bad things —you won’t make money, you won’t be taken seriously, you won’t really be studying, et cetera. However, as someone who graduated with a BA in Latin American Literature, I can tell you that following your dream career is what will make you happy. You might struggle at first but it will be worth it once you reach your goals. At the end of the day, you are the one who has to live with your decisions and you should definitely Major in Literature, if that is what makes you happy...the job opportunities will eventually come.