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August 28, 2019

Starting to feel the pressure with a new semester approaching? Private Prep has offered us three excellent tips to ensure your school year stays productive, organized and healthy.

A new year is upon us — start the school year off on the right foot!

Below are Private Prep’s three keys to setting up for a successful school year.

Number 1: Get Organized.

Use an iPhone, a digital calendar, or a daily planner to stay organized — and stick with it. Whether it is utilizing a gadget or buying a separate entity, getting organized is an indispensable step when preparing for the upcoming year. Creating a system to organize personal commitments, exams and school activities will allow you to be more productive and stay ahead of the game. Remember: the planning and organizing you do now will help you remain balanced as the academic year (and the stresses that accompany it), kick into high gear. Organization is a skill you will need beyond school, and will be able to apply to all your professional endeavors, so train your brain now. Check out these specific tips, including great apps for organization.

Number 2: Think Globally.

Take a bird’s eye view; a global perspective is imperative to insure academic success. With a scheduled packed with AP classes, college applications, upcoming tests, sports, extracurricular activities, parties and an overall increased workload, it helps to identify the months and weeks in which you will be stretched thin and plan accordingly. Don’t forget to set aside time to have fun, relax and unwind. Balance is the key, and by thinking globally and planning backwards, time management becomes a worry of the past.

Number 3: Set Goals.

Evaluate what you truly want in the next nine months by setting goals. Make them specific, make them achievable, make them yours! Identifying what you want is the first step, however executing is just as important. Figure out what a particular goal requires, by asking, “Are these prerequisites attainable?" and, “Can you reach this goal with or without them?" Then take the steps to reach the goal. Drafting a path to attain goals create structure and forward motion in a student’s life.

As mentioned, these are tips that will not only help you succeed in high school and college, but will help you succeed in any professional capacity or high-pressure situation, especially the last one. Throughout your life, it will become increasingly important that you set goals — both short term and long term — allowing for personal and professional growth.