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Briyahna Rice
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February 20, 2020

How best to spend free time so that assignments don't pile up.

Whether its preparing for midterms, finals, or just wanting to make sure important assignment and projects don't pile up, staying productive in college can often be a struggle, especially if students are taking on a full load of classes. The temptation to take a break and start procrastinating is a powerful one. But while it's difficult, it's not impossible to learn how to stay productive and kick procrastination to the curb.

For some people, procrastination, is no big deal and actually gives them the push they need to get assignments done. For others, its the determining factor that makes or breaks, their academic careers; hence why they'll start their assignments weeks in advance. Nonetheless, maintaining productivity in college is an important skill to develop once students graduate and need to take on lengthy assignments for whatever business they work for. One way to do this is to create a relaxing environment, free of distractions. If there's a pile of laundry that's piling up, make a mental note to do it the next day. If the garbage is overflowing and starting to smell, take it outside before sitting down. In a like manner, some students may prefer to light scented candles or incense to study to, so that their favorite scent relaxes them long enough to get their work done.

Next, create a playlist to work to. We all have our go to playlists for everything that we do in our lives: cooking, doing laundry, exercising, maybe even gardening. And trying to be productive should be no different. Usually when making playlist, its comprised of either one, or a whole variety of genres that inspire. Either way, whatever genre makes up a students productivity playlist, it should be something acoustic, instrumental, ambient, maybe even nature sounds. Songs that are bit more aggressive with deep bass, intense guitar riffs, and consistent breakdowns, can make it difficult to focus on important topics when studying, or doing homework. Hence why music that's a bit more slow paced can shift the focus back to what's important.

Then, offer a reward once the work is done. Self indulgence can sometimes be seen as a double edged sword, when it comes to college life. But if done correctly, it can become the ultimate relaxation, or breaktime highlight. From something small like indulging in a tub of a favorite ice cream, to an event bit more extravagant, like a night out at a open mic. The skies the limit so long as the break is well deserved and comes about after a few hours of hard work and productivity.

For some students, productivity is a walk in the park, while for others, it's a struggle to end all struggles. But regardless, it's a skill that anybody can learn, while also working to cut back on procrastination; in both college and in the working world. Sometimes, the time gap for when assignments are due seem like an invitation to push them aside to the last possible minute. No matter how strong the temptation is, it can be resisted and overcome so that students can have more, and actual free time to themselves.

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