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January 24, 2020

It has been several months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and the people of Puerto Rico are still struggling to get by.  Photo: Alexei Scutari on Unsplash Puerto Rico just recently

It has been several months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and the people of Puerto Rico are still struggling to get by.

Photo: Alexei Scutari on Unsplash

Puerto Rico just recently got their power back in some areas while other areas still remain in the dark. However, everyone is still struggling to fix their homes and find food to eat. For those of you who are able to help, there are many places you can donate to, regardless of where you’re from. Puerto Rico needs your help more than ever.

With our President and Congress not doing anything, it’s up to us to help Puerto Rico. Sure, we can send emails and letters to Congress about how they need to help Puerto Rico, but at the end of the day, that’s all wasted energy that we could be putting into actually helping Puerto Rico.

The first thing you can do is donate. There are fallen trees on major highways, broken bridges, homes without roofs, and so much more. Every little cent matters. Puerto Rico is still struggling to get by, so every donation counts. The number one place recommended for donations is the Salvation Army. They are accepting hurricane relief donations, and you can donate as much as you’d like. There is no minimum and there is no maximum.

Another great place to donate would be Puerto Rico’s official gofundme page . There are numerous campaigns going on that are still accepting donations, so you can take a look at this website, read all about it, and choose which campaign you would like to participate in. Of course, you can donate whatever amount you’d like. Whether you have $1 or $20, whatever you can donate is more than enough.

Many people think that Puerto Rico must be doing fine just because there haven’t been many articles about Maria in the news lately. However, this assumption is incorrect. Just because you don’t hear about it on the news, it doesn’t mean Puerto Rico is okay. To make sure that no one else has this misconception, it’s important to spread awareness. If you’re unable to donate, then post a link to the gofundme page on your twitter account. Make an announcement on your Facebook feed. Mention Puerto Rico in one of your Instagram stories. As long as you are spreading awareness and letting people know that Puerto Rico is still in need of help, then you are making a difference.

Whether you are donating or spreading awareness, everything counts.