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Lara Rosales

April 16, 2020

Are you trying to expand your network or trying to get your dream job? Here are a few tips on how to reach out to recruiters online.

Nowadays, most job applications are done online and there is almost no human interaction, unless you are one of the few lucky ones called in for an interview. If you are like me, you might fear your application is never viewed and you miss out on a great opportunity. For that very reason, I decided to reach out to recruiters and hiring managers through emails or LinkedIn messages. I discovered sometimes it pays off better than the waiting game. But, what to say? How to stand out from all the other applicants? Here are a few tips:


The first thing you need to remember is to always introduce yourself. The person you are writing to has no idea who you are or if your email/message is worth their time. Tell them who you are, where you studied or are studying, the kind of degree you have, and how you came across them. If someone you know gave you their information, mention that person and your relationship to them. If you are sending a general message through the company’s website, point out why you are interested in working with them. Make sure you give them all the important and valuable details about yourself.


It is very important that you explain to them why you are contacting them. If you have no particular positions in mind, tell them you would like to learn about any possible openings or to be kept on file for future reference. If you know about a specific position you want, mention it and tell them why you think you would be a perfect fit. It would be best if you connected this to your experience and the qualities you would add to their team. Be proud of your accomplishments and help them see why you would be a valuable addition.


When sending out an email or message like this one, it is necessary to add your resume. You want recruiters to see your experience and your worth. What better way to do that than attaching your resume? Do not just add the file; let them know they will find the resume attached to the message/email. Make sure you have read it at least twice and it has the correct information, spelling, and grammar. Resumes are the first impression hiring teams have of us so we need to make sure it is a great one.


When closing your email/message, make sure you thank them for their time. If you want, you can express why this job or this company means so much to you, and why you appreciate them reading your words. Being thankful for the opportunity is a nice detail that many recruiters do not take for granted. I found that it is good to let them know you are available for a conversation —add your phone number— or a followup email, if they need any more information or have any questions for you. Simply show how important this opportunity is for you.

Doing your job application online can be a very anxiety provoking process. Not knowing if someone views your resume can be scary. And, sadly, this is the only way most companies are hiring people these days. A lot of them do not even want to receive phone calls. That is why reaching out directly to recruiters may work better in your favor. It was working for me with a magazine I would love to work for until COVID-19 hit; hopefully it will work out when the chaos is over. Hopefully it will work out for you. Find the emails you need and reach out to those recruiters!

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