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Briyahna Rice
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April 02, 2020

Companies that are hiring for remote positions that students can take on.

With the current circumstances making it difficult for students to go out and continue whatever internships, community service, or after school jobs, they were upholding, a few top of the line companies have decided to extend olive branches in the form of remote job opportunities for students from various majors to look into, courtesy of Virtual and their list of top 100 companies in 2020.

First, students pursuing a degree in childhood education can look into K-12 Inc. Working with both public and private schools, K-12 Inc. operates online and specializes in education from Kindergarten up to 12th grade. With K- 12, children have the chance to experience both traditional schooling, or even independent learning courses, depending on the children's needs. With regards to the remote teaching jobs they have open, there's one for a remote elementary teacher and another for a virtual High school Family and Consumer Science Teacher. In a like manner, another remote education company to look into is Connections Academy. On top of tuition free online schooling for kids in grades K through 12, Connections Academy also offers college preparation courses, online summer classes, and even CTE (Career and Technical Education) courses. However, certain positions may require the occasional travel along with state licensing credentials in education, or other areas. Students looking for remote work with this company can look into their positions for A Special Education Teacher, or Virtual Secondary Substitute English teacher.

Next, students studying computer software and technology, can check out jobs on Oracle. Founded in 1977, Oracle works to design, manufacture, and sell both software and hardware products with a focus on a vast array of areas from database management systems all the way up to enterprise software products. While some of their remote positions require the occasional traveling, Oracle offers an abundance of remote positions in engineering, development, support, and consulting. Current remote positions include Telecommute Software Developer 4, Virtual Cloud Operations Director, and Remote Marketing OMC Sales Representative. Another especially great company to look into for computer technology majors is Dell. Given that they're a household name where computers are concerned, Dell regularly offers remote job opportunities in positions from sales all the way up to technical support roles. But specific remote postilions that are available are Telecommute Senior Cloud Engineer, Remote Commercial Sales Account manager in Denver, and Remote Infrastructure Automation Engineer.

Then, students studying health sciences can find remote work under PRA Health Sciences. A global clinical research facility, PRA Health Sciences works in the fields of drug development and diagnostic services over multiple therapeutic areas; along with services in 90 different countries. From clinical research associates, clinical trial managers, and medical records, the possibilities for job opportunities are endless.

As far as remote job opportunities are concerned, the ones to keep an eye out for health science students to keep an eye out for are as a telecommute Clinical Trials Project Manager, Remote Senior Bio Statistician, and Virtual Senior Statistical Programmer.

Students who're looking to get back to work but are maintaining social distancing don't have to go another day wondering and worrying about how they're going to find a solution in their situation. With websites like Virtual Vocations keeping people abreast and updated on the happenings in the virtual job market, going back to work to further peruse an education and dream career is still possible.

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