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August 09, 2021

If you're in your Senior year, you're probably really busy. Really busy.

We know you've got a ton of decisions to make, applications to fill out and essays to write. But don't forget to register for the SAT or ACT this fall. The earlier you take it, the more time you'll have to take it again if you want to improve your score or cross it off that oh-so-long to do list and relax. Feel like you need some help getting ready? We'll help you find the tutor or test-prep course that suits your budget, schedule and preferences.


While they both test similar subjects, you might want to do some research to decide which test is best for your skill set and the schools you're applying to. The ACT tests the material you've learned in school and requires that you work faster, while the SAT is heavier on vocabulary skills. You can read more about how the tests differ and which schools favor the SAT or ACT in these blog posts.

Fees and Expenses

The SAT costs $50 if you register by the regular deadline. Late registration fees are $27. The SAT Subject Tests cost between $35 and $46. You can register for the tests at the College Board. The ACT costs $35 without the writing section, or $50 with the writing portion. You can register for the ACT here. Keep in mind that all fees are non-refundable and you will be charged an additional fee if you choose to change your test date, so make sure to plan ahead. Some students are eligible to waive these fees if they demonstrate financial need and are in the 10th or 11th grade. To find out, fill out the application for the ACT or SAT.

Students with learning disabilities are also eligible for accommodations such as extra time. Read more about how accommodations work and how to apply for them. You can apply for accommodations on the SAT or ACT.

Fall 2012 SAT and SAT Subject Test Dates

## October 6, 2012

Regular Registration Deadline: September 7

Late Registration Deadline: September 21

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## November 3, 2012

Regular Registration Deadline: October 4

Late Registration Deadline: October 19

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# December 1, 2012

Regular Registration Deadline: November 1

Late Registration Deadline: November 16

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Fall 2012 ACT Test Dates:

# October 27, 2012

Regular Registration Deadline: September 21

Late Registration Deadline: October 5

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# December 8, 2012

Regular Registration Deadline: November 2

Late Registration Deadline: November 16

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## # Check out Noodle's Guide to Taking the SAT, SAT Subject Tests and ACT for advice on choosing a test, studying, extra time and more! Or search for local tutors and test-prep courses with our recommendation engine!

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