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Jillian Youngblood
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December 18, 2019

This week, Noodle will feature a different school every day to highlight important innovations we are seeing in education. Today's school is Achievement First Bridgeport Academy in Connecticut.

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National School Choice Week is a celebration of how educators and families everywhere are supporting every learner, whether in public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, online, or at home. Through thousands of events across the country, schools, parents, and organizations are demonstrating their commitments creating the right learning environment for every child.

This week, Noodle will feature a different school every day to highlight important innovations we are seeing in education. From an urban charter high school to a bilingual elementary school, these programs represent the diversity of our educational system and options available to help every child succeed.

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Achievement First Bridgeport Academy Bridgeport, Connecticut

Achievement First is a leading network of 25 charter schools in Bridgeport, New Haven, and Hartford, Connecticut; Brooklyn, NY; and Providence Rhode Island. With 8,100 students in kindergarten through eighth grade, Achievement First schools serve a high-need population in a rigorous college preparatory environment.

Achievement First Bridgeport seeks to close the achievement gap by focusing on development of academic and character skills. The staff places an emphasis on the tools students need to be successful in college and life, regardless of socio-economic background. Serving students from kindergarten to the 3rd grade, Bridgeport aims to creates a strong base for students as they begin their educational careers. This includes more student time in the classroom, tutoring, independent reading programs, a college-focused curriculum, and deeply involved teachers. Bridgeport uses Connecticut state standards as the starting point for its curriculum, with the expectation that students will receive an even superior education. Regular assessments ensure that students are performing up to the standards, and students who are struggling have access to intensive intervention.

Bridgeport students also benefit from top-notch teachers and administrators. Achievement First employs robust recruitment program to find quality educators, and provides ample opportunity for professional development. In turn, parents speak highly of the team- and family-oriented atmosphere and the accessibility of teachers. A comprehensive mission and support structure makes Achievement First Bridgeport a great choice for thousands of students in the Northeast.